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ediscoverysystem.com/wp-content/map22.php Piercings I can take or leave, unless you're really covered in them, although lips are a bit off putting. Tattoos however are a major turn off. Wouldn't date anyone with one, however small they are. They just look terrible no matter what you have or where you have it.

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Tattoos and piercings can be very beautiful Personally, I'm not attracted to any of the ones mentioned in the OP, but that's just my opinion; I'm sure there's someone out there who will love them just as much as you do. Original post by Zargabaath The tramp stamp, the ribbons and the clit pericing would be pretty offputting personally. I prefer upper back tattoos. Nipple piercings arent that big a deal if they're discrete. I have my nipples pierced. Turned out I really liked them. I know my answer might sound strange, but it really depends on the physical appearance of the girl to me.

I've seen women covered in tattoos and piercings and found them unattractive, and yet I've seen women with the same amount of tattoos and piercings and found them extremely attractive.

For me, like make-up, any addition made to a girl's appearance needs to compliment their natural beauty, rather than a complete makeover. Original post by Anonymous So I've got a tattoo on my lower back of a lily, then I have two at the back of my thighs of bows so like this https: On top of that, I have nipple and a piercing around my lady part areas..

I was wondering, would it be a turn off? Or a turn on? Original post by Justanotherguy11 How can a nip piercing be more discrete? Report Thread starter 3 years ago Original post by Katty3 Why on Earth would you pierce your lady parts? Wouldn't that be incredibly painful?

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Having my ears done hurt, but the number of nerve endings down there? Posted from TSR Mobile.

Its not overstated so its cool - I hate the kind of tattoos that seem to take over the womans body like a rash with hard edges that counteract her feminine shape. Sensible piercings and tattoos. Yeah definitely I'd go for it, that's really sexy, huge turn on.

Guys, would you date a girl with tattoos and piercings? - Page 2 - The Student Room

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