Dating flint arrowheads This page was last edited on 8 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Portable Antiquities Scheme PAS is a voluntary programme run by the United Kingdom government to record the increasing numbers of small finds of archaeological interest found by members of the public. The scheme started in and now covers most of England and Wales.

Finds are published at https: The barb is 6mm long and 4mm wide in the centre of the base, the flint has a mid grey colour with darker patches and one creamy patch. This flint dates to the early Bronze Age.

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The object is triangular in shape with a barb on either side of the base and a tang in the centre 5mm long, 5mm wide. Invasive flaking scars cover both the dorsal and the ventral sides.

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The flint has an off white patina with light grey mottling. The object is triangular in shape, the base has a barb on either side, the tips if which are angled inwards, with a tang in the centre 7mm long, 6mmwide. Invasive flaking scars cover the dorsal and the ventral.

5,000-year-old flint arrowhead could be the work of a Stone Age craftsman

The flint has a mid grey colour with darker and lighter patches. Invasive flaking scars cover the dorsal and ventral, the arrowhead has a very low, almost flat profile. Mid grey colour with darker and lighter grey patches.

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Flint arrowheads, dating from the late Neolithic to Chalcolithic periods, ca. B.C. [Credit: The Oriental Institute]. Dating flint arrowheads. 6 days ago grimes graves, tools that included pointed blades and materials used to an arrowhead identification online database.

This artefact dates to the Neolithic. Further slight abrupt edge-retouch curving around the distal end can be interpreted as a platform from which invasive pressure flakes could have been removed.

This artefact can, therefore, be interpreted as an arrowhead blank that has been roughly formed, but not finished. The leaf-shaped form of the blank and the curving retouched platform around the distal end indicate that a leaf-shaped arrowhead was most likely the intended product; leaf-shaped arrowheads date from the early Neolithic c. However, the orientation of the blank with the tip at the bulbar end is unusual as leaf-shaped arrowheads are usually manufactured with the bulbar end at the base of the arrowhead as this facilitates the production of a thin slender point.